BitLife Mod APK 3.1.1 Download Latest Working (Unlocked)

BitLife Mod APK is an unlocked version for android devices. We have unlocked Bitizenships and God Mode. Get Working Game from us.

Life’s a story, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever imagined how my fairytale would’ve unfolded if I made different decisions while growing up. We’ve all pictured ourselves in a different life than the one we’re currently living and visualized how well the actions we took would allow us to meet the right people, make better decisions or even enabled us to achieve our goals. However, truth is that we never know the consequences or results of our actions whether good or bad because life can be a cruel teacher, so we hope for the best.

Most of us would love to have taken control of our own decisions and especially when we were young and naïve, but since this isn’t possible in reality, you can still do so virtually using BitLife. See how your life would’ve turned out in various scenarios through the life of various customizable characters in the gameplay and live out the consequences to all the optional decisions you make that you wouldn’t have as a child.


What is BitLife Mod APK?

BitLife is an awesome life simulator game from Candywriter. Though the company may not be as popular on Google Play as one would have expected, they have made a huge impact in the gaming world with their games and Bitlife serves as a good example racking up more than 10 million downloads. BitLife allows the player to cover the time period of growth for a character from birth to their death.

The player will lead the life of his hero, passing through all the many stages of growing up, schooling, higher education, working, love, and other life events that occur in between. While this game is designed to allow you to mold your character into a fine and worthy citizen in society, it gives the player complete control of the decisions offered; thus, allowing them to make the wrong ones in the process. The attitude of your character could change with the wrong choice and risk going down a path of crime.

The BitLife Mod APK is a modified version of the free app available on the app store with a few extra changes. It contains no ads, unlocks Bitizenship and God Mod, and even removed the debug information. It gives the player full control and customization of their characters as well as the attributes, something that would’ve otherwise been limited in the original version.

Version info

NameBitlife Mod
DeveloperCandywriter, LLC
Size100 MB
Last updatedMarch 12, 2022

Download BitLife Mod APK Latest Version for Android

BitLife isn’t just your ordinary simulation game but it also gives one a new perspective on life and how it can lead you down many different paths. A positive attitude with the right decisions can guide you through a good life while a bad decision would surely have dire consequences. BitLife is an extremely entertaining simulator and you can download the MOD application free of charge.

While the original version contains some paid features like pet stores, that are required to maintain stable progress without failing in some parts of the game, the MOD has all unlocked features at your disposal. Download the latest version of BitLife Mod APK from the link provided below.

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Unlock Bitizenship


Bitizenship is a premium membership that costs actual money and unlocks special benefits in the game. Accessing this Bitizenship would make you a Bitizen of BitLife. Which this feature, you do away with all ads in the game, get access to pets, and more generations. Also, when a character posts a status on their social media platforms, they wouldn’t be required to share the app as well.

This premium feature also comes with a dark mode making it easier for players to enjoy the game at night. You can even join gangs in prison, go through eye exams, and interact with teachers in school.

God Mode Unlock


God Mode is a feature that isn’t part of Bitizenship but allows you to edit anyone’s name among your characters, looks and even stats in the game. It also permits you to make these changes as many times as you’d like. Customize your own character’s look a giving them the desired facial features depending on the how you’d want them to look like between ages 20 and 45 and edit their place of origin.

Full control of character’s attributes

The BitLife Mod APK allows you to select your attributes and customize them to the percentage you’re comfortable with. This means you get maximum athleticism, discipline, happiness, fertility, health, karma, looks, smarts, willpower and sexual orientation. Take full control of your character’s attributes and behavior, something that would’ve otherwise been limited in the original version of the app.

Study extra hard

When it comes to BitLife, studying hard, and especially earlier in life, serves as the best way to get a high-paying profession and ensure that you don’t end up with large student debt from student loans. You stand at a better chance of getting a scholarship the harder you work in school and your opportunities become broader.

Maintain good relationships

Interact with your teachers at school and maintain good relationships with your classmates. Offer gifts and compliments to become more popular in school. Chat up your workmates as well and maintain a positive relationship with everyone around you even during disagreements.  Also, keep your relationship with your parents good as they might leave, you’re a hefty inheritance once they pass.

Get some hobbies

Working out increases your looks and keeps you fit while getting hobbies in life and staying consistent to them is good for your wellbeing.

Get popular

Join your friends in various social media platforms and give out gifts to classmates among others just to gain favor and popularity among your peers.

How to Install Bitlife Mod APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you download modified game apk from our page, head over to file location.

Step 2. Now, Go to the location through any file manager app.

Step 3. Tap on the BitLife Mod Apk and try to install.

Step 4. It may ask you to enable unknown sources. Go to the setting and enable this security setting.

Step 5. Install Bitlife mod apk on your device.


Step 6. Open and grant required permissions.

Final Words

BitLife welcomes you to the real-life simulator unlike no other. Its gameplay is authentic, exciting and very touching giving its players the best of different worlds and different lives. Download the latest version of BitLife Mod APK on your Android device and enjoy yourself.

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