Cinema HD APK Download Latest (Ad-Free) 2023

Watch and download movies online for free with Cinema HD APK. The decent entertainment app compatible to Android and FireStick devices.

The memories of the previous decade, to which we just bid farewell, will forever remain in our hearts as the 21st century has given us a lot to be grateful for in terms of entertainment. We started with cable TV, which was a significant achievement, back then, for any home looking to connect beyond its borders but eventually, the cord had to be cut.

With the advancement of the internet came exciting service providers that gave us access to the millions of media files including movies and TV series such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. These, however, did not come at a low price. Finally, developers came up with free streaming applications that replaced the other costly alternatives.

The current trending topic in the entertainment industry is the presence of thousands of streaming applications and especially in developing countries. This third-party software provides users with the ability to watch Hollywood specials right on their Android phones wherever they may be at their very convenience.

Most of them even go the extra mile to provide their services for free to any user across all walks of life. The Cinema HD APK is an excellent example of such an extraordinary application that allows you free and quality video content from across the globe.


What is Cinema HD APK?

Cinema HD APK is a streaming application that allows you to bring the cinema into the palms of your hands through your Android smartphone. It allows you to watch the latest blockbusters movies a few days after their release and before their screening at famous theatres. Catch the best of your favourite actors and always be a step ahead of your comrades with all the content in detail and HD quality.

A new year also brings with it exciting drama, action, comedy, and romance on TV and thus the premier of many inspiring TV shows. If you’re a fan of such content, Cinema HD APK has got you covered as it avails the latest episodes of popular TV shows and therefore replacing the need to go all the way to a multiplex and pay extra for uncomfortable seats.

Cinema HD acts as a gateway through which users can link pulled in from various streaming sources dedicated to the targeted movies and series. The app allows you to stream the desired content and watch it online or even download it for that movie night you’ve been hyped up about.

With third-party applications, however, you might unintentionally come across copyright content and to be on the safe side, you are advised to use a VPN for your streaming needs. Otherwise, the app will serve as your perfect and much-needed entertainment companion.

Version Info

NameCinema HD (Ad-free)
Size15 MB
Last UpdatedJanuary 07, 2023

Download Cinema HD APK Official Latest Version for Android & FireStick

Being a third-party application, Cinema HD APK is not available for download on the Google Play Store and thus requires you to download it from the link provided in this guide. Also, before you download it, ensure that the version of your device runs on not less than Android 4+ with a required installation price of about 14 MBs.

Download the latest version of Cinema HD APK below:

I think the app is much suitable for transforming your viewing experience from depending on paid accounts to free and better-quality content.

Where is the need to purchase a subscription to gain access to a limited amount of material from a small range of producers when you can download a free app like the Cinema HD APK and have it all at your disposal?

I found the application to be true to its word, and provided high-quality media files from an extended range of sources that give you a wide variety to choose from.

The APK can also be installed into your Smart TV for enhanced accessibility, Android TV, FireStick devices, and FireTV 4K. Watch every film or show in 720p or full HD quality at your convenience in your hands.



We have discussed all the exciting features from below. Have a look.

Easy to use interface

The user interface in the app comes in a simple and elegant design that combines simplicity in its operations and services to users, together with its attractive presentation. The movies and series are separated in different categories making it easier to access any content that lies within the two divisions a lot faster than if they were all mixed up.

Change the default player

The app comes pre-installed with its own inbuilt media player that accommodates a wide range of video qualities and is set as the default player. However, Cinema HD supports multiple external media players and thus enabling users to select any of their preferred options as the default streaming player.

Change the image size

If you’re having problems with the image size or instead prefer a different one, you can always choose the size of the poster that bests suit your needs. The posters are portrayed in their default landscape mode and can be altered to small, medium, large or even extra-large depending on the users’ desires.

Clear cache

If you’re looking to start over or don’t want your history of viewing to be visible to third-parties, then you can always clear your cache from the settings option on the menu bar. All it needs is a single tap, and all will be removed.

A broad range of content

With all the most adored blockbusters and Hollywood films, as well as TV shows, included in the app’s inventory, users gain access to a large variety of content. The content is also high-quality.

Filtered searches

Filter your searches according to the year in which your most sought-after media file was released for screening. Travel back in time to find the best of that year and other years that were referred to as blockbuster periods for the entertainment industry at large.

No registration required

You don’t need to create an account with the app to gain access to the millions of media files available. The app will not even ask for your credentials such as mobile numbers or email addresses. All that is required of you is to download and install the APK and after that, launch it to enjoy unlimited fun.

Considered donations

If the app has really impressed you and therefore made you feel charitable, you can always forward a donation in the form of bitcoin to help it grow. The donation option can also be accessed in the menu bar under-communicate.

Share the app

If you find the app so intriguing that you would like to recommend it to a friend, instead of telling them about it, you can select the share option. This will display a list of options through which you would like to send your comrade the link for them to enjoy the software as well.

History is recorded

Whatever you may have previously watched will be added to the “History” tab in case you may have forgotten about it. Here you can pick up from where you left off without having to miss out on anything.


Based on what you’re currently watching Cinema HD is designed to automatically filter out and offer you the best recommendation that you’d be sure to enjoy. The app scans your viewing behavior, favorites tab and history as well and thus uniquely generates the most suitable suggestions.


Add your best movie or TV show to your favourite tab by merely tapping on the heart located at the top right corner whenever you click on a poster. Your favorites, like the history, allows you to pick off from where you had previously stopped watching.

Ads included

Unfortunately, Cinema HD includes ads in its operations. However, these ads do not pop up during your streaming time and thus allowing you to watch your content without any distractions. By the way, we try to provide MOD APK in the download page.

Regular updates

The application is updated regularly with the latest content and thus preventing users from missing what it is they desire to watch.

Show calendar

Cinema HD gives its users a unique feature where a calendar indicates the dates to which a specific episode for a season would be released and the time of airing. This enables users to keep up and always stay updated.

Wide variety of genre

Pick what you want to watch from a broad variety of genres available including Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube Red watchlists for free.

How to Install Cinema HD APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you download the latest Cinema HD APK from our official page, head over to the downloaded location.

Step 2. Tap on the APK file and allow android security measure.

Android security doesn’t allow installing apps from other sources, So, in this case, we have to enable unknown sources setting.

Step 3. Go to the downloaded location, tap on the APK file.


Step 4. Install Cinema HD APK on your android device.

Step 5. Open the app after installation and allow storage permission.


Step 6. Then it will ask you to the developer’s disclaimer. Accept it.

Step 7. Choose any movie or series from the given list or through search.


Step 8. Select season and episode if you choose some TV series.


Step 9. Wait for a while until it loads the available streaming links including HD resolution.


Step 10. Select play or download right from there. Finally, select the external media player to watch.

Cinema HD lacks in subtitle support. So, if you need subtitles while watching foreign-language content, then we suggest you download BeeTv APK for Android and FireStick.

How to Install Cinema HD APK on FireStick and FireTv 4K?

Cinema HD is perfectly suitable for the Amazon FireStick and Fire TV 4K devices without a doubt. Enjoy unlimited content streaming on a big screen with the best quality as possible.

Below are the steps, recommended to follow.

Step 1. Head over to the settings with the help of FireStick remote. Open the settings.


Step 2. Select the device option.


Step 3. Open developer options to enable the crucial security setting in this procedure.


Step 4. Click on the Apps from unknown sources.


Step 5. Tun it on. This makes us install third-party apps from other websites.


Step 6. Back to the firestick home screen, head over to the search option.


Step 7. Type Downloader using an onscreen keyboard.


Step 8. Install Downloader app from the amazon app store.


Step 9. Open it.


Step 10. Allow storage permissions to keep files which you download.


Step 11. Now, Go to the settings, enable the javascript option.


Step 12. Go to the browser from the sidebar.


Step 13. Enter this URL path: using the onscreen keyboard. Click on the Go button.


Step 14. Now, Cinema HD APK will start downloading from our servers. Once it is done, the system automatically opens the installation window.


Step 15. Click on the Install button.


Step 16. Wait a while and click on the Done button.


This action helps you to delete the APK file and could save some storage on your firestick device.

Step 17. Return to the home screen and click on the Apps and channels section.


Step 18. Scroll down and find the Cinema HD icon.

Step 19. Move to the top row.

Step 20. Open it right from there.

Final words

Seasons have passed and if you didn’t have the time to treat yourself or someone else, why not just do it, as we usher in the new year, by downloading and installing the Cinema HD APK onto your android device.

Also, put a smile on someone else’s face by sharing your fantastic experience with the app with them. The Cinema HD APK is guaranteed to make all year a season of joy and entertainment.

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  1. This app is great on my Firestick. On my Nividia Shield tv it works too except that the posters for tv shows do not load. The text is there but no posters. Both devices are wired to router by ethernet. No ad blockers are used. The posters for movies load on both devices.


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