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HD Streamz APK allows you to watch 1000+ Tv Channels from various countries for Free on Android, Fire Stick, Fire TV 4k, Roku and Smart Televisions. Read our complete article for more info.

Most streaming applications promise to bring the world live to your device with hundreds of inbuilt features that would ensure your experience goes far beyond your expectations. However, once you get to download and install such apps on your Android device, or on any other device that is supported by the software, you notice quite the number of inconveniences caused by them.

Such problems may lie in their functioning where you’d find some of their channels aren’t available for your region while others just won’s load and run. Such a traumatic experience would leave you disappointed and force you to uninstall these failures thus hesitate from downloading others.

However, with the HD Streamz application, one can be assured of sincere functionality and a fantastic experience. Why give up hope at a disappointing software when there are hundreds and probably thousands of others that would do you justice when it comes to your entertainment needs? Apps like the HD Streamz APK are capable of bringing together all the exemplary features needed to make your streaming experience desirable by others while molding you into a tech figure that many of your companions look up to.


What is HD Streamz APK?

HD Streamz APK is a free app that allows users to watch live TV shows and movies. With over 1000 channels, this application provides content from all walks of life thus bringing different cultures and tastes to your screen. Be it news you’re interested in sports by your favorite league and team, blockbuster movies, exciting cartoons for kids, or even music; there’s something for everyone who uses official HD Streamz app.

The app supplies high-quality content for users in a variety of viewing options that includes HD, and even Full HD. Enjoy your favorite show in the clearest of qualities available and never miss the smallest of image details. This app might be the answer to all your streaming desires.


Version Info

NameHD Streamz APK
Updated onSeptember 20, 2022
Size9 MB

Download HD Streamz APK Latest Version for Android

For your streaming convenience, you should download HD Streamz APK to get the most out of the live TV. Catch the latest sports action live on TV and never miss any of the action. Watch live games as international football leagues battle it out for the UEFA champions league while your local teams race against the league cup. Watch the best of NBA with live play action and get all the ongoing action of your favorite cricket or tennis leagues. Don’t settle to always depend on the highlights because you couldn’t afford to pay for live TV when HD Streamz is making you a once in a lifetime offer.

Catch your favorite TV show and series as soon as it airs and never miss any of the newly released blockbuster movies being played. If you love music, then there are live music channels for you to enjoy the best of exquisite music from all corners of the world, covering every genre possible. Your tastes and preferences will always be up to date with this software on your Android device. Get news live and on-air with local and international news such as BBC and even CNN bringing you the latest and most captivating news stories that will ensure you’re never in the dark.

The app is not available for download on the Google Play Store officially, and thus, one would need to visit the site provided to download and install the APK. Download HD Streamz on your Smart Android TV, Firestick devices and android boxes.

Download the latest version from below.

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If you’re looking to dominate the world of streaming, then with the HD Streamz application, you can take full control of everything the world has to offer live and on air.  Not only does the app allow you to stream about 1000 live TV channels, but it also comes preinstalled with enticing and loads of fun features for any user to explore. These features are all designed to help the user get the most out of their streaming experience and enjoy the best things in life that are presented live on TV at their disposal.

The following are some of the exciting features that the HD Streamz APK has to offer:

1000+ live channels


HD Streamz grants its users access to about 1000 live channels. These channels are not fixated to air from one region but rather cover all the corners of the earth. Get live TV at your convenience and with more airtime than what other applications could have to offer. How on earth would you get bored with all these channels at your disposal?

Free of cost


Imagine getting access to over 1000+ live TV channels as well as live radio streaming at no cost at all. The good things in life come for free, and HD Streamz is, but an exemplary example of such luxuries than users get no enjoy for at no cost. Pay no subscription fee nor buy any streaming packages, as would be the case with other streaming service providers who only offer a limited view of options.

Live Radio streaming

Live Radio streaming

Are you a big fan of smooth jazz, chilled Indie, or even the classics? Whichever your genre of taste in music may be, HD Streamz has got you covered. With the app, users can stream a variety of radio stations from around the globe, thus exposing them to the different cultures and entertainment they never imagined existed. Tune in to the latest news or catch the newest and trending hit song on-air with live radio stations at your very convenience.

Multiple streaming links


Suppose you’re watching a newly profound favorite show live, and the only link provided for streaming it goes down. This problem seems to be one of the biggest challenges facing most streaming apps, and it will leave you hopeless as you wait for the link to get back online while leaving you to miss out on such content. However, HD Streamz provides multiple streaming links for every channel that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming services even if some links go down.

External player support


While HD Streamz comes preinstalled with an inbuilt media player, the app also supports foreign third-party players including MX Player and VLC. Whichever external player you prefer to use for streaming, with HD Streamz as your most trusted streaming companion, you’d be sure of an excellent experience.

Fast and convenient user support

Fast and convenient user support

The app provides its users with a official facebook messenger option. In case any user may have a query, they can contact the support team through this option and will be answered as soon as possible. Also, whenever a user would want their channel of choice, which isn’t available on the list of options, they could always raise the issue using the support option, and all possible means would be exploited.

Material Design UI


The user interface is Android-oriented and supports onscreen touch experiences through cue-rich features. It is a unique and impressive design with a beautiful yet simple and elegant layout for any user to enjoy.

Easy navigation

One would think that an app that offers such extreme and unique features would be complicated to handle or use. However, the HD Streamz APK is a user-friendly application that anyone, no matter their age, can use easily and enjoy their preferences at any time they desire.

Steaming services from many countries


HD Streamz provides live streaming content from over 20 countries which include the following:

QatarUAESaudi Arabia
CanadaSouth AfricaRomania
GermanSri LankaFrance

How to install HD Streamz APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you download HD Streamz APK from our official page, navigate to the APK file.

Step 2. Generally, it would found in the Downloads folder. Go there and tap on the APK file.

Step 3. Now, you might see the popup which says allow this source. Allow it.

Step 4. Again go back to the same location and Install App into your android device.


Step 5. Open it, Allow storage permissions.

allow storage permissions to the hd streams app

Step 6. Choose the TV Channel you want and stream for free.

How to Install HDStreamz APK on Fire Stick and Fire Tv 4K?

Step 1. Go to the home page of the Fire Stick.

Step 2. Look at the top menu section and go to the Settings.

install procedure 1

Step 3. Head over to the My Fire Tv or Device option and Click on it.

install procedure 2

Step 4. In this page, you have to go to the developer options.

install procedure 3

Step 5. In the developer settings, there is an option called Apps from Unknown Sources which will help you to sideload APK’s.

install procedure 4

Step 6. Now, Popup says some warning message. Ignore it and click on Turn on button.

install procedure 5

Until now, we have completed basic steps to install apps on Fire Stick and Fire Tv 4K devices. Read a few below to properly install HD Streamz on FireStick.

Step 7. Okay, Go to the home screen and click on the search option.

install procedure 6

Step 8. Enter Downloader there

install procedure 7

Step 9. Tap on the Downloader app and install it.

install procedure 8

Step 10. Wait for a while until its get installed. Open it.

install procedure 9

Step 11. Allow Storage Permissions to access the device storage.

install procedure 10

Step 12. Navigate to the Settings and Enable javascript option.


Step 13. Select the browser option from the menu.


Step 14. Enter this URL path: t.ly/pGPL9 in the blank space and hit the Go button.


Step 15. It will start downloading to the fire stick device storage.

downloading hd streamz apk on firetv

Step 16. Once it’s done, the installation window will open.

Step 17. Click on the Install Button using the remote.

install hd streamz apk on fire stick

Step 18. Click on the Open Button if you want to access the HD Streamz right there. Otherwise, click done button to delete the APK file which you have downloaded.


Step 19. Go to the My apps & channels section and scroll to the bottom until you find the HD Streams App icon.


Step 20. Drag to the Top Row and open application.

Step 21. Allow storage permission to it. Done!


Watch Live Tv channels using HD Streamz application on Fire Stick for free.

Final words

Give HD Streamz a shot, and you will be thoroughly entertained. The beauty of this app is that if you may have any issues, you can let them know, and they will immediately do their best to improve to cater to your desires. There is no denying the fact that with this app, all your streaming problems might just be resolved. HD Streams is here to serve you to its very best.

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