Tinder Gold Mod APK 11.19.0 🥇 Download (2023)

Tinder Gold Mod APK is unlocked version and provides many features of Official Plus and Gold subscriptions.

Meeting new people is an exciting adventure because you get to learn about the diversity that exists all around you. The thought of finding the perfect match with a complete stranger is very exciting because you never know what to expect until you slide into their inboxes.

Dating is a fun and inspiring activity that lets you appreciate the differences between you and the other person and what better way to kickstart your epic adventure into the dating world than with one of the biggest platforms worldwide, Tinder.


What is Tinder Gold APK?

The Tinder Gold APK is a modified version of the original Tinder dating network. However, this version is designed to improve or make certain features in the original app accessible to all, and even the principle. With over 30 billion matches, Tinder remains the world’s most popular app for meeting new potential dates.

With the original Tinder, you cannot access a few features coz, and especially if you’re a free user. The app merely gives every user an opportunity to find and meet new people from all walks of life. Download the Tinder Gold MOD APK today and just imagine all the new people you are guaranteed to meet.

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Version Info

NameTinder Gold Mod
Downloads100 Million
Size33 MB
Last updatedDecember 24, 2021

Download Tinder Gold APK for Android

The Tinder Gold APK isn’t found on your default Google Play Store and, therefore this requires you to buy the app from various third-party websites. It is a free app that you can use to modify the original version get access to all the major features of the Gold accounts.

Download the official version of Tinder Gold MOD APK below:


Ads Removed

Say you’ve noticed a good-looking lady or gentleman whose profile is eye-catching, but before swiping right, an ad pops up and you’re forced to watch it. They might have been your perfect match but the interruption favored another lucky being who got to match with him/her first and has a better way with words. After all, first come first serve. Such incidences can risk you losing gorgeous opportunities on Tinder.

However, with the Tinder Gold APK, you get an ad-free experience that allows you to quickly swipe right and match with your potential soulmate. Be the first to chat them up and give them a reason to smile their way into your contact list.

Unlimited likes


On the normal version of Tinder that is available on the Google Play Store, you get a specific number of likes per day. This means that even if you exhaust all your likes and later on find that one perfect girl/boy’s profile, there would be nothing you could do. You would be forced to wait a whole 24 hours before your likes are regenerated and during this time, someone else would already be chatting their way into their inboxes.

Using the Tinder Gold APK, you get an unlimited number of likes allowing you to like any of your potential matches with hopes that they liked you too. You never know, that extra like that you so needed could just be the game changer and Tinder Gold would be your most valuable partner.

5 Super Likes a day

Super Likes are a way of telling someone that you’re especially interested in them. When it comes to the original Tinder version, free users are usually given 1 Super Like to give away in a day. This means that you can only be especially interested in one person a day which is typically impossible.

Once you give out a Super Like, you might end up finding another extremely likeable profile whose owner may have already liked you back. However, since you’ve already exhausted your Super Likes, you would never know until a day later or buy more with your own cash.

When you use Tinder Gold Mod, you get a maximum of 5 Super Likes, allowing you to go wild and offer them to the most eye-catching persons online. You no longer have to feel limited just because you’re a free user because you would have unlocked all the Gold features.

Free of charge

On the normal Tinder version, getting a Tinder Plus/Gold account can be pricey because it expects you to purchase these accounts. The offers don’t also come at a cheap price. However, you shouldn’t be charged for trying to socialize and especially when looking for a date.

Therefore, this version of Tinder Gold APK comes free of charge without any hidden costs nor terms and conditions that are unfair. All you would be required to do is download and install it on your Android device and you get access to all Gold features without paying for them.

Swipe around the world

For free users, your exploration around the world could be limited because you might not get as many international profiles visible you. However, with the Tinder Gold APK, you can swipe unlimitedly around the world and who knows, you might just get lucky.

Do not feel restrained by your national borders when your potential soulmate could be thousands of miles away. All you have to do is download and install the Tinder Gold APK and get access to opportunities far and wide. Never miss the chance to swipe right when you can.

Unlocked Rewind Last Swipe

Sometimes our moves when swiping left or right tend to be unintentional. You may have noticed a very attractive persona on your page but their beauty enticed you too much that you found yourself swiping left instead of right.

Other times, you may find someone you know, or have had a history with but wouldn’t want to cross paths again. However, when trying your best to ignore them, you end up swiping right. Unless you’re a paid user, you cannot rewind that last swipe.

However, with the Tinder Gold APK, your powers are limitless because you get unlimited rewinds on your last swipe allowing you to correct your mistake.

1 Boost monthly

Tinder boosts are designed to push your profile near the top of your potential matches’ swiping queue for about 30 minutes. When one uses a boost, a lot more users are capable of viewing and swiping their profiles than usual. Tinder estimates 10x more match for your profile using a boost. However, you are required to buy boosts which can be costly.

With the Tinder Gold APK, you get one boost a month to help you reach greater heights. You should, therefore, look for the most appropriate time at which the Tinder activity in your area is high and use the boost.

No need for Rooting

Contrary to some beliefs, you do not need to root your Android device to be able to use the Tinder Gold application. All you have to do is download and install the APK onto your device and you’re good to go. You get all the features of the Tinder Gold version unlocked free of charge.

How to Install Tinder Gold Mod APK on Android?

Step 1. Download Tinder Gold Mod APK from our download page.

Step 2. Once you see the downloaded notification, open any file manager.

Step 3. Go to the folder where apk is stored.

Step 4. Tap on the APK file and Allow unknown sources android setting.

Step 5. Install Tinder Mod APK on your android device.


Step 6. Open and allow the required permissions.

Final thoughts

Dating online can also be a scary even you invest your time and effort into looking for the best girl or boy on a reputable platform like Tinder where you are assured of a fun and exciting experience. Download Tinder Gold APK today and get the best that all dating sites available.

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