InstaULTRA APK Download Latest Version in 2022

Hey Everyone! InstaULTRA APK is all new Instagram Mod and the best alternative for the GBInstagram for Android devices. I know you all disappointed to the decision of the GBInsta Developers Omar (@atnfas_hoaks) for not developing. By the way, No more worries at all.

We have all new InstaULTRA to replace the GBInstagram in the aspects of features and performance. Recently developer has released the latest version based on the official Playstore version in 2020.

Download from our official page without any virus or something. I advise you to migrate instantly from the GBInstagram to the latest InstaULTRA APK because there are no more future updates from GBMods.

instaultra apk download official

What is InstaULTRA APK?

InstaULTRA is an Android Application which allows you to download Videos, Images, Stories and many more you can do with. You can read all the features in the below section.

It has been developed by Sommer Damous from Soula Mods. He has also contributed to another project named Soula WhatsApp which is quite popular nowadays. We will write a review soon about it.

Still, there is a lot to improve in this app and features are less when compared to the GBInsta. But worthy to try it. I hope Sommer Damous will implement the most awaited options like customisation and themes. Hope for the best.🙂

Here is the features list of Insta ULTRA .


  • Download Videos/Images to your storage.
  • Copy Biograph of your friends and indeed everyone’s.
  • Hide view Status – It is the same as a GBWhatsApp feature. It hides your name if you see someone’s status.
  • Hide Read Ticks
  • Support Links in the App.
  • Hide View Live Video
  • You can able to allow audio of the videos. In default, it was in a mute stage.
  • Save all images with one click when someone added more than 1 Image.
  • Zoom Profile pictures (Press and Hold)
  • Download Stories with Insta ULTRA
  • Copy comments that you love.
  • Support x86 devices and links in the app.
  • Anti Ban.
  • Start Audio directly with the Video.
  • Share or Copy URL of Videos and Images.
  • Theming – Now, you can customise the header, feed, Bottom bar and stories tab.
  • Shortcuts – Long tap on the home button to open ULTRA settings.
  • Hide Typing – It helps you hide writing messages in DM.
  • Night Blue theme added for settings.
  • More coming soon.

Download InstaULTRA APK Latest Version in 2021

Exclusive official page to download the latest versions. Here you will find updated news regarding the application. I suggest you allow our push notification service to be notified instantly when the post gets updated.

Here is the download link.

Version Info

NameInsta ULTRA
Based on100.
DeveloperSommer Damous
Updated onDECEMBER 31, 2021

How to Install InstaULTRA APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you downloaded from our page, go to the Download folder and search for the Insta ULTRA APK.

Step 2. Tap on that. Android system may ask you enable the security permission to install the apks from unknown sources. Enable it.

instagram ultra apk download

Step 3. Now, you are good to go. Install on your device.

Step 4. Open the Instagram and sign in with your details or authenticate with the Facebook.

insta ultra apk login

No, go to your profile and head over to settings on the tip right to enable the mods that you want.

Final Words

In this review, I have covered most of the part regarding the ULTRAInsta Android application. However, many features are coming soon and positively it would be the best alternative to GBInstagram very soon.

Until then, share this article and help them who want to know about this kinda apps. ✌️ Peace out.

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  1. if download multiple post, for example there’s 10 pic, and I want to download pic number 2 or 3.. I click “download this pic”. but the downloaded pic, always number 1 pic (first pic)

    fix the bugs please…

  2. The mods which you upload on your website are safe… For daily use….. Are they free from malware and other physhing things…… Cause i use your mods a lot….

  3. Its GREAT!! I admit that i love this apk same as GBInsta♡..ouhh i hope you can add ‘PREVIEW’ feature cause i always check out the video’s resolution before download it and it help me so much!

  4. On posts with multiple pic or vids, option to download only one specific pic doesn’t work. Instead it downloads the first image. Please fix thank you

  5. Where the hell are the modded options!?? The accidental left/right slide is so annoying and I was able to disable it amongst GBInsta. I also want the sound for each video to be on by default!

  6. Plzz provide hidden chat feature. It is one of the most requested features. Everyone wants to make private msg and encrypt them with password.

  7. Hi Sommer, i’m a Android developer and i want to crack instagram source and make something like InstaUltra for use in my country. I try many tools like (jadx, enjarify, dex2jar,Bytecode-Viewer, Krakatau, cfr, procyon, ….) but i got many error and can not compile decoded source code. i always have problem with X package in instagram source code. please please help me. hint me a point. what tools i must use for decompile instagram source code?

  8. When you release new version of Instaultra because Instagram is on 117 version and Instaultra is 100 too much behind so update regularly please it’s my humble request to you


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