Dragon City Mod Menu APK 12.8.5 Download (100% Working)

Dragon City Mod Menu APK is tweaked version which consists really awesome feature such as One Shot On Kill and help you to win the game. Download right now on your android!!

Imagine if you were given the opportunity to create your own world and raise your very own mythical creatures of destruction such as dragons. Picture yourself the emperor of this magical world, the breeder and caregiver to these ruthless creatures and the gladiator that sends his/her dragon to battle others in different arenas using their special abilities and extraordinary powers. While this sounds like an exciting fantasy that could never happen, you can actually live through the virtual simulation version of this concept through Dragon City, one of the most spectacular simulation dragon games available.

With millions of players around the world, the game can get intense and sometimes, exceptionally tough to crack new abilities for your dragons. Especially when newbies and rookies can even purchase gems to unlock more powerful abilities without having to play the game for long. It tends to be unfair when you’ve practiced for so long but then someone who has never played the game before purchases ranks and surpasses you. This is the reason for free mods that help us upgrade our abilities in various games, and the Dragon City Mod Menu APK is just the right one for Dragon City Players.


What is Dragon City Menu Mod APK?

The Dragon City Mod Menu APK is a free Mod designed to allow Dragon City players to have the upper hand during a battle with its popular “One Hit One Kill” ability. Using this menu mod, players can send their dragons to the arena, and once they activate the Mod, they can destroy their opponents with just one hit. You would be required to choose an opponent whose dragon ranks don’t exceed yours by a significant margin and toggle through the mod menu switch by turning it on when it’s your turn and off when it’s your opponent’s turn.

If you’ve played Dragon City before, then you’d be familiar with the gameplay and exciting adventure that it holds. However, if you’re new here, you should understand that Dragon City is a colorful strategy game that lets you build a magical city where you can breed powerful dragons and send them to battle others in the arena. You would technically be responsible for all the activities taking place around your city. There are hundreds of dragons to breed, raise and empower before sending off to battle against other players’ dragons online. You can compete to unlock many rewards and upgrade your dragons to become the ultimate master.

Version Info

NameDragon City Mod Menu
Size143 MB
Last updatedDecember 30, 2021

Download Dragon City Menu Mod APK Latest Version for Android

The hit kill would be shared with your opponent or enemy in battle; hence; you are required to activate it only when it’s your turn and deactivate it when it’s not as mentioned before. You can also browse through other minor features of the Dragon City menu mod such as enabling or disabling sound, vertical menu, save features and even COR animation. The menu mod can even be moved across the screen to a designated location that wouldn’t block your view. It’s quite a simple Mod that offers players unimaginable power during combat and the chance to win better and bigger rewards after every victory.

You would need to get safe links for downloading both the game APK and the mod APK as well. You wouldn’t get these versions of applications on the Play Store because Google tends to have a policy that’s against mods. Also, the two apps work simultaneously and thus; you need to download the right version that has been unlocked and supports the mod. Dragon City Mod Menu APK also comes with pre-installed anti-ban features that allow you to play against enemies online without the risk of getting banned because of using mods.

Get the links to the latest version of the app for your Android device and make your enemies tremble before your dragons’ feet.


One Hit One Kill


This is probably the main feature that the app was designed to offer. As the statement goes, with one hit, you get to eliminate your opponent disregarding their rating in combat. Whether you’re using fireballs, earthquakes, punches, lava balls, or any other fighting ability that your dragon possesses, as long as you’re using this mod, nobody can withstand the wrath you bring down.

I joined the game a while back, and after a few days of building my dragon empire, I still couldn’t get passed the first combat level in the arena. It was a frustrating period because upgrading my dragons also needed patience, something that I was slowly falling short of.

However, after getting the Dragon City Menu Mod APK, I was able to advance my way past many levels in the game and actually take down opponents much bigger and higher ranked than I am. The rewards also kept getting bigger, and this allowed me to easily upgrade my dragons and breed more champions into my city. With just one hit, you can also instil fear into your enemies.


As much as you might be using a mod in any game to get ahead, if you happen to be detected, you risk getting banned and your account terminated. This means that you would lose all your progress and achievements as well and if you manage to create another new account, you won’t be able to retrieve the progress from the previous one. However, with the Dragon City Menu Mod APK, you are fully protected with anti-ban features pre-installed into the app.

Minor settings

minor settings of dragon city mod menu

You can also change a few minor settings of the menu mod such as activating the sound, putting the menu in vertical or even saving the features. One can even close the menu and prevent the icon from appearing on the screen anymore.

Final Words

Using Mods gives you an upper hand against tough opponents and allows you to collect the necessary rewards you need to progress further into the game. The Dragon City Menu Mod APK gives you a similar experience and helps your dragons withstand the harsh conditions that come with defeat from other powerful dragons

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