PPSSPP Gold APK 1.11.3 – PSP Emulator Download (Working)

What if I told you that your gaming experience could shoot through the roof by playing actual PSP-based games on your PC or Android device? How do you ask? Well, with a PSP emulator, you can swing spiderman through skyscrapers, challenge gods using Kratos and his Blades of Chaos, or even build an empire with Vic Vance in Vice City Stories, all on your laptop or smartphone.

Using a PSP emulator like the PPSSPP Gold APK, one can easily download and compress various PSP-based games into an Android-readable file and run them on a smartphone. With such power, comes great mobile gaming like never before because even if you didn’t get a chance to use the PlayStation Portable (PSP) before, you can now get a firsthand experience in the palm of your hand.


What is PPSSPP Gold APK?

The PPSSPP Gold APK is a PSP emulator that allows you to run your PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution, and even play them on Android devices as well. It is one of the best PSP emulators that exist on the internet offering high levels of compatibility amazing performance ratings for all Android gamers. If you’re seeking a unique gaming experience away from the one downloaded off your device’s app store, then the PPSSPP Gold could just be the one-way ticket you need.

Version Info

DeveloperHenrik Rydgård
Size14 MB
Last updatedDecember 30, 2021

Download PPSSPP Gold APK Latest Version for Android

The PPSSPP Gold application enables gamers to play many PSP games on android devices, however, depending on the power or performance of their device, not all games would work or run at full speed. Since these PSP games don’t come with the app, one would be required to download their own real PSP games on their PC in form of “ISO” (a raw copy of the actual game disk) and compress it into a “CSO” or compressed iso. You would then connect the PC to your android device, copy the files onto the device and run the game through the PPSSPP Gold app.

The official version of PPSSPP, found on the app store, is blue in colour and contains annoying ads. The only way to get rid of them would be to upgrade to the Gold version which would, alternatively, cost you some cash. However, you can forego the paid upgrade and download the latest version of PPSSPP Gold APK for free from the link provided below.

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High-quality game graphics


If you own a modern smartphone, capable of processing high-end Android games, then you’re in luck because you can run these PSP games at double the original resolution. Upscale the textures of the game on your screen and crank up the anisotropic filtering to give you one hell of gaming experience in full HD.

Depending on the device’s performance, you can play using high-quality graphics that are way better than the ones offered by normal android games. Once you get a taste of the good stuff, your eyes would never want to look back.

Customizable controls


Just because it’s a PSP-based game running on your android device doesn’t mean you’d have to use the same PSP controls. I, for one, have my very own pre-set controls that I use for specific games and would love to play new ones using the same ones because of familiarity as well as comfortability.

It’s not easy trying to master new controls while playing a new game since your attention is drawn from the exciting experience that the software offers and dumped onto the struggles of mastering each button and its functions. PPSSPP Gold allows you to customize your own controls and come up with the best format that is sure to let you enjoy the games at ease.

Save your progress at any place anytime


There are many games in which, for you to be capable of saving your progress, you would be required to reach the next checkpoint first. I find this very frustrating because whenever I fail or lose a life before getting to that location, my character is forced to restart the game from the last checkpoint. One would have to struggle and make exhausting trials, especially when playing a tough level, just to be able to save the game.

However, unlike in the PSP console, the PPSSPP Gold app allows you to save and restore the game state anywhere and anytime. As such, players can continue where they left off without having to restart a certain level all over again.

Free and open source


Are you an excellent app developer or pride yourself at being exceptionally good at coding? Then you’re in luck because PPSSPP Gold values your opinion and would appreciate your expertise contribution. The app is an open-source project that is licensed under GPL 2.0 (or later. As such, anyone is more than welcome to contribute improvements to the code and make the software more efficient. The app’s compatibility has increased exponentially and keeps improving allowing us to play our favourite PSP games on the various devices of our choice.

Cheats support


However skilled or experienced I may be, there’s always that one level in a game that drives me insane because no matter what moves I make, I end up losing a life. Other times, I may just be too lazy to put effort into trying to bypass a tough level with inferior character potential. For such reasons, I might take a quick tour through the wonderful world of cheats and their various codes just to be at a better advantage.

The PPSSPP Gold application supports PSP cheats for the various games you’re playing on your Android device allowing you to easily make it through the next level without breaking a sweat.

Multiplayer mode


Are you arguing with a friend about who would be the victor if you were to face off one-on-one in a virtual gaming battle? The solution is simple and comes with the PPSSPP Gold APK. You are simply required to download the app, turn on your hotspot and request your buddy to join. Once you’re done, you would navigate your way to the settings menu in the PPSSPP Gold platform and over at the networking option, you can enable the necessary settings for a multiplayer connection.

Host and join the battle in Tekken fighting against each other until one of you is knocked out. You can even dribble past your opponent in a football match or race them in a multiplayer speed chase and participate in in-game chats with them.

Faster game speeds


PPSSPP Gold APK configures your gaming settings to ensure that the game you’re playing runs smoothly and with the highest speeds that your device can accommodate. This way, you would never have to worry about lagging or slow frame rate issues and, therefore, enjoy the thrill of your games.

How to Install PPSSPP Gold APK on Android?

Step 1. Once you download the latest version from our official page, go to the storage location.

Step 2. Open file manager app and navigate the location of the downloaded file.

Step 3. Now, Tap on the APK file.

Step 4. It may ask you to enable the security permission of the android device. Go to the setting and enable unknown sources option.

Step 5. You all set now. Install PPSSPP Gold apk on your device.


Step 6. Open the emulator.

Step 7. Enable storage permissions.

Load game from your device storage or download games through the Homebrew store.

Final Words

Play the same old games that used to be offered in the PSP console using the PPSSPP Gold APK. The only difference is you’ll be gaming on your android device and in a much higher quality than they used to be. Spark those exciting nostalgic moments with PPSSPP Gold APK with your friends and enjoy mobile gaming like never before.

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